Omega offers two options for Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

If you enjoy an encouraging group setting, but desire a tailored program to fit your goals and needs, then Small Group Personal Training is for you. Your coach will assess your fitness level, help you set appropriate and achievable goals, and design a program specific to attaining those goals. Whether you seek weight loss, body fat loss, muscle gain, training for obstacle course races, or just training for life in general, this program can help you achieve those results.

1-on-1 Personal Training

Similar in style to our Small Group Personal Training, 1-on-1 Personal Training provides you with your coach’s undivided attention. This program is great for individuals with unique circumstances, hectic schedules, and/or specific injuries or physical limitations. Each workout is specifically designed with your goals in mind, and can be easily altered to fit your needs. Personal Training is also beneficial if you are seeking to improve on very specific areas of your fitness such as Olympic lifting, specific gymnastic moves, etc, or training for specific events such as obstacle course races, strongman competitions, and 5K’s.

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