Jonathan Potter

Jonathan Potter


Jonathan hails from Virginia where he grew up playing soccer and wrestling; and was first introduced to Crossfit in early 2005 at Crossfit Virginia Beach. By late 2010 he was a CF instructor; and competing in local competitions in the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. area and soon after went to the Crossfit Regionals Mid Atlantic Games with his team in 2012. After having the experience of competition but school taking the lead; Jonathan began to delve into programming, bringing the team back to regionals along with individuals the following years. By 2014 Jonathan obtained his L2 and proceeded to continue with learning to how to be a better coach in all things CrossFit.




– CrossFit Level 2

– CrossFit Endurance

– CrossFit Weightlifting

– Associate in Psychology

– B.S. in Psychology with Neuroscience concentration

– Coached Athletes Without Limits (AWLS)



Jonathan has over a decade of CF experience as a competitor, member, coach, programmer, and manager. Because of this, he believes in the old quote “we all differ by degree not kind”; meaning we all come into CrossFit at different times of our lives; a former athlete who just got done with training, a mom wanting to get their energy back, to the elders who want to be able to pick their self-off of the floor if they fall. Regardless we all need to learn how to move and use our own bodies in a natural way; and when CrossFit is taught professionally and well, we can allow people from all walks of life begin (or start again) a journey into using the most complex and wonderful tool you will be ever given. Your body.