Obviously we can tell you all day long how wonderful Omega is, but we would rather let you hear from some of our current members about their experiences.

When I started training with Marc my initial goals were to walk upright and avoid back surgery – so far that one’s looking good. My ongoing goals are to stay strong and keep running these ridiculous mud races…which I said I’d never do. Guess the joke’s on me! Someday I might master double-unders and some other gym skills, but as long as I keep working out and avoiding surgery, it’s all good.

I have several friends who said I was nuts to spend “that much money” on a personal trainer, especially when I was first starting out. Those same friends are now severely overweight, can’t get out of their own way, and spend way too much on drugs for several preventable issues. I know my investment was and continues to be well worth it, and is far less than what modern medicine charges to pharmacologically take care of issues that exercise and diet can easily manage. Besides, those mud runs are the most fun you can have with your clothes on….and the beer never tastes better than after 12 miles of mud. Here’s to a long and happy journey with the Fitness Ninja and the Omega Family!

Dale Tacy

I came to Omega two years ago with a lot of varied fitness experiences, but also a lot of nagging injuries. I had done marathons and triathlons and boot camps and personal training and even things like P90X. But I kept getting hurt, and I wasn’t making the progress I thought I should have been making. Omega has changed all of that. The trainers at Omega assessed my fitness needs on a holistic basis, addressing holes I didn’t even know I had – mobility, technique, strength imbalances, etc. And they did it and continue to do it in a way and with programming that makes it fun to come to the gym. Very quickly after starting at Omega, my injury problems disappeared, and I started to make real and noticeable progress. But even more than being the best gym with the best, most knowledgeable and most engaged trainers I have ever been around, what makes Omega special is the sense of community. It is a place filled with people (trainers and members) who care about each other and about this special place that they have created. I would absolutely recommend Omega to anyone, without hesitation.

John Raleigh